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Baby message to the future Stationary – Perfect for making predictions.

Do you need an extra 6-pack of Baby Message To The Future Stationary?  This is it!  Put more Message To The Future letters into your time capsules for that special day when your child opens it! Get this extra pack so your extended family and friends can leave inspiring messages of hope, tell funny stories, or make a special drawing for your baby to view years later when he or she opens the Baby Time Capsule as an adult. What a special day that will be as you all reminisce over the cute artwork and letters, the child and now grown adult receives. I cannot think of a better way to remember what life was like when you were born. Priceless and precious.

Purchase the  Baby’s Time Capsule here, to put your extra Message to the Future letters in.

Use the extra message to the futures, to let those around you express their feelings to the future baby or after the baby is born. What are you thinking about before your baby is born? What are you nervous about? Are your friends guessing what gender the baby will be? Have them put their answers in the message to the future letter to the baby. What a great laugh that will be for the child, when the time capsule is opened in the future, and reads that someone guessed wrong or right. Have your friends even share in the letters, of why they thought it would be a boy or girl. Have your family and friends write about how they think a baby will change you in the future?

If you want help with ideas of what to write, to get started, check out our blog about: How to write a Message To The Future letter.

Here are some sample questions to answer in your letter to help get you started:

– Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years from now?
– What are your favorite quotes that get you by in life right now?
– Who do you call when you need encouragement?
– How do you know your friends are truly your friends in life? How do your friends treat you?
– How do you know “he” is the one to marry? Did anything change your mind as to why you married “him?”
– How do you stay calm during your arguments with friends or family? How will you react in the future?
– What do you enjoy doing the most right now? What will you enjoy doing in the future?

There are many different questions to answer in your own “Message To The Future,” depending on your age and what is going on in your life. Be creative. This is, after all, a personalized gift to yourself in the future….and possibly a personalized gift for your children to read in the future.