Where to Store a Time Capsule

Where to Store a Time Capsule or How to Seal a Time Capsule

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It will be up to you to determine when to seal your Time Capsule. To ensure its successful completion, however, we recommend that all information and contents gathering be completed by the end of the specific milestone year. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to finish this unique project.

Sealing the time capsule is easy. While your Time Capsule is designed to protect its contents from the elements, you should line it with a plastic bag before placing items inside. Wrap all delicate items securely in shock-absorbing material. After you’ve placed all you want to include inside, fill empty areas with wadded paper or tissue to prevent movement. And remember, don’t place food or liquid inside your Time Capsule. When you’re satisfied that the capsule is firmly packed, tie the top of the bag.


Now you are ready to seal the capsule. Push the lid down securely and affix the seals (included in your kit) to each side of your Time Capsule. Overlap the lip, where the lid and the capsule meet. As an extra precaution, you can also run a strip of tape around the lid and then place the seals on top of the tape.


Finally, put the “Do Not Open Until…” date on the lid.  Use the number and letter stickers provided to indicate the abbreviated month, day, and year that you plan to open your Time Capsule.

Do not bury your Time Capsule!!!!!

No Time Capsule should ever be buried. This popular belief is the worst thing you could do to your memorabilia. Burying your capsule could cause moisture damage over time. And if yours is like the majority of U.S. households, you’ll likely be living somewhere else – perhaps hundreds of miles away – by the time you’ve elected to open this information treasure. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of losing or damaging it. The International Time Capsule Society also estimates that over 90% of all time capsules ever created have been lost!

We suggest that you leave your Time Capsule on a bookshelf or on display as a conversation piece. Or place the capsule in a heated closet or room. Always store the capsule in a cool, dry place – with a room temperature of 50 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the capsule away from direct sunlight, and avoid placing in the attic.


The more care you take in packing, sealing and storing your Time Capsule, the happier you will be when it comes time to explore its special contents.


Saving Today’s Milestone because it’s Tomorrow’s Precious Memory

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