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  1. Hi Marcie, It's so true that one mans trash is a others treasure. I like to keep newspaper clippings of big events or invitations, cards etc as they represent a moment in time that you can never get back :)
    1. That is so true Jo. Thanks for your comment. It is fun looking back at old newspaper articles. They also make great lessons for our future grandchildren. Can you imagine pulling out an actual newspaper about the September 11th events, to show them? Now that is what makes history class come alive. I also have a specific scrapbook with only cards received in it. It is great to look back and see who all wished me good luck in life for birthdays, graduations, and work.
  2. I really love this idea! Like Jo I too like to cut out pages in newspapers and magazines and read them many years later! Do you take it to schools and teach children how to do this? It would be amazing fun! It would go really well with what I do in helping elderly to write their life stories - they could write a few stories about their life and put it in a capsule for a grandchild. What an amazing experience!
    1. You know Lynne, we have not taken the time capsules to schools. I was just discussing this idea with someone else the other day though. Thank you for the suggestion. Our company had a First School Year Time Capsule kit in the past, that we have talked about bringing back again. It is a fun, and even educational, activity for kids. That is so awesome what you do with the elderly. The time capsules are great for those with memory problems. We have many grandparents who love to purchase these time capsules for their grand children when they are born, so they can write them a "Message to the Future" letter to the child. Talk about, the best wisdom kids may receive in their life when they graduate high-school, and open their time capsule to read the letter from their grandmother or grandfather (who may or may not be alive anymore). This is why we do what we do. Thank you for your comment. Please share our website with your friends and family.

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