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Capture, Preserve, Reminisce, and Leave a Legacy

What is a Time Capsule? Let’s learn how it works.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Time Capsule is:

: a container that is filled with things (such as newspapers or clothing) from the present time and that is meant to be opened by people at some time in the future

:  a container holding historical records or objects representative of current culture that is deposited (as in a cornerstone) for preservation until discovery by some future age


A Decorative Time Capsule, like ours is meant to be displayed and not buried. These are great conversation pieces in which you store your mementos and memorabilia in for 10 to 20 years. When your designated open date arrives in the future, you gather your friends and family around and open your time capsule to reminisce and re-live that special time in your life all over again. What a unforgettable day that will be?

Steps to Make the Time Capsule

So how do you remember your current self or significant event, when you are older? A time capsule is your solution. Surprise yourself or others in the future.

  1. Pick out a time capsule that fits your desired wants and needs the most for your topic or occasion.
  2. Fill your time capsule with your nostalgic mementos or memorabilia that reflect who you are or what your occasion is about. You may even include a small note with each item describing with it is and why you included it in the time capsule. Decorate your “any occasion” DIY Time Capsule if that is the one you chose to purchase.
  3. Write a letter to yourself or have friends, family and/or co-workers write a “Message to the Future” letter before closing your time capsule.
  4. Put your “Do Not Open Date” on the lid along with your official seal stickers.
  5. Put your time capsule on a shelf or your designated place in your business or home. Again, do not bury these time capsules.
  6. Now the final and hardest step. Try to forget about your time capsule. Go on with your daily life and eventually the years will pass without you even thinking about it. There is a reason why many people say, ‘Wow, they grow up so fast.’ Time flies by when we are busy having fun doing other things. You will forget about it eventually.

What do you Put in a Time Capsule?

You know the excitement you have when you discover a $20.00 bill in your dryer, that you forgot you put in your pants pocket before doing laundry. That is temporary excitement from a hidden object, you forgot about. Imagine the excitement when you put other important, sentimental items in a beautifully decorated time capsule (container if you will), and forget about it for years. How much more elated do you think you will be when you open the time capsule again?

Basically a time capsule is a hidden shadow box. Leave your footprint on earth to your future children and grandchildren. Write a “Message to the Future” with the stationary packs included in each of our time capsules. Talk about what you think the world will look like 20 years from now. Talk about your hopes, dreams, or trending favorites of your era currently. I am sure it will be so different in the future. Pass on your life stories, the events you went to for fun or business, the wisdom you have gained through lessons and milestone moments.

Our lives are filled with memories. We as humans love to share our stories, so why not pass yours on in a time capsule. Items to include in your time capsules include:

  • Heirloom items passed down from older family members
  • Ticket stubs
  • Trinkets, toys or things that represent the places you visited
  • Sand from places visited
  • Pictures cut from brochures or magazines representing your interests in life
  • Newspaper with top headlines of the world at this time
  • Pictures of family, friends, or our pets
  • Special certificates or Awards received at school or work
  • a tracing of your hand
  • A list of activities you did during your typical day in life
  • etc.

Who is a Time Capsule For?

Anyone can make a time capsule. Parents, grandparents, businesses, children, charities, etc. The only limit is your own creativity. When  you put together your time capsule, it is really an adventure for more than just yourself. You pick the most important items to put in it that you think will describe what life is like now, the best to your future self or generations who will open it again. It is a treasure chest that sparks curiosity for years. It is history in the making. Be a part of history and start your time capsule today.

Our Baby Time Capsule – HERE

  • Preserve and celebrate New Baby’s first year of life. Save special items associated with their special milestone moments for years.

Wedding Time Capsule – HERE

  • Preserve and celebrate the married couple’s first year of life. Save special items associated with their special milestone moments for years.

“Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule – HERE

  • Preserve and celebrate the many different and important parts of your life, event, company, family, or pet. The sky’s the limit with this time capsule. Save special items associated with their special milestone moments for years.

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