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  1. Hey Marcie, I love this post!! Yes, I want to know what's in my baby's time capsule. I have to find it. My friends made one for my son 16 years ago and I have no idea where it is. This post was so fitting for me because I totally forgot he even had one. Your time capsules are so pretty. I don't think mines was this pretty!
    1. Kymona, I so hope you find your time capsule for your child. I am glad you enjoyed this post. Please pass our information and blogs on to your friends, who may be having a baby or getting married. These time capsules are so fun to do, as I am sure you already know. Your problem of losing yours, is exactly one of the main reasons why ours are meant to be displayed and not buried. People move around to much nowadays, and most of us would forget where we buried our time capsule anyways. I am glad we were able to help remind you to find your precious time capsule. Thank you for your kind comments about the look of our time capsules. Have a fantastic weekend! Marcie

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