Baby's Hand Print Kit Handprint - baby handprint kit

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  1. Very nice and thoughtful post! As a parent of two 20-somethings, these types of mementos are cherished! I have a box full of baby teeth, hospital bands, hair clippings, tiny t-shirts, etc. I would love to have one of these handprints for each child, unfortunately I never did this :( What a great wedding gift it would make years later!
    1. Richelle, Thank you for your kind comments. It is definitely a great, lasting gift. You have to capture your kids in many ways while they are young. This is just one more tangible way we help you or other parents do that. It is always great talking to people who understand the importance of keeping sentimental things, as much as we do. It sounds like you were a mother who really treasured many keepsakes. Keep this in mind for possible future grandchildren. Thanks for stopping by. - Marcie
    2. Author
      Thank you Richelle. I hope all is well with you. We greatly appreciate your comments. It is so precious that you have saved all these things. - Marcie

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