How to Use Time Capsules to Preserve Your Life Stories

    Oh no, what am I going to do? I forgot to bring my paper to class, which is due today. This was a dilemma I faced years ago as a college student, pursuing my career in counseling and social work. Thankfully, I had a kind professor or teacher, who allowed me to bring it back later on that day. I lived about 30 minutes from my college. So, as I drove home to get my paper I left on the printer, I thought there has got to be a better way to make sure I never do this again.

    How to Preserve or Keep Your Important Papers in Life

    I realized, I could send all my homework due to my own email address, and make sure I have it no matter where I go. So, next time I forget my major paper due for work or a college course, I could just log into my email, anywhere in the world, and print it. What a help and relief the internet can be many times. Then I thought, how could this relate to other important documents or photos I want to save forever, for the future?

    Love Letters -1

    A Lasting Valentine’s Day or Anniversary Gift Idea

    “Happy Valentine’s Day Honey,” I said as I gave my husband, Mark, every email we wrote back and forth from when we first met, until marriage. I put the emails in nice clear page protectors, and then put them in a decorative binder I made. It was an easy DIY gift of love. This was a time capsule moment for us, as we re-read our old emails to each other, back and forth. It was like meeting each other, for the first time, all over again. What a milestone moment for us. You should try this some time. It is priceless.

    Time capsules are designed to help you hold time in a bottle, container, or whatever you can find to use to hold on to your nostalgic moments. It is important to capture your daily life, and even your past. Be able to tell your future children how you met, or what love at first sight looks like, by saving your love letters in your Wedding Time Capsule from

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    How to Write Love Letters to Your Children to Open in the Future

    You can apply this lesson to your children as well, and set up a separate email account to write to your children as they grow. You can describe their daily life, milestones accomplished, share serious and funny stories, or teach them what you were learning in that moment as a parent while raising them. Then give the password to the email account to your child, in the future, like when he or she graduates high-school, to read these time capsule emails or love letters. To see more ideas about this, check out or watch this video about Sophie (shown in the first main picture of this blog) showing step-by-step ideas to start this project of love, at

    We hope we could help you today, set up a fun DIY activity or project to do, that lasts a lifetime. What one piece of advice would you say to your child in an email, for them to read in the future? Comment below.

    Making Milestone Moments Count,